Elon musk could be the interim twitter ceo following the deal’s closure.

Elon musk is likely to be a temporarily ceo at twitter until several months following the time the completion of his $44 billion purchase of the media giant sources told the cnbc’s david faber.

A sec document filed today disclosed that musk obtained around $7.14 billion equity commitments from his friends and other investors to purchase twitter. Faber stated that musk picked the investors. The commitments vary from $1 billion from oracle founder larry ellison to $5 million from honeycomb asset management, which has invested in spacex. Faber said to the report that twitter founder jack dorsey might back it, and musk is talking with him concerning the prospect of donating shares right away or before the end of the deal.

Twitter chief executive officer parag agrawal has only led the company for just a few months after taking over the role of ceo from dorsey in november. Up until now, there hasn’t been much discussion on whether musk’s purchase of the company will cause a change in the company’s leadership. In the last month, reuters reported musk was in the process of naming the new ceo of twitter according to sources familiar with the subject.

Agrawal spoke to employees at an all-company town hall meeting in march about the direction of twitter is in doubt under musk according to an additional reuters article.

“once the deal is concluded and we’re not sure what direction the platform will take, ” agrawal reportedly said when asked if the company might let the former u. S. President donald trump to rejoin the platform once musk becomes the new ceo. Trump was suspended for life from twitter in january of this year.

Musk’s purchase of twitter is a crucial moment in the history of the firm. Agrawal has stated that he will concentrate on expanding the daily active user base of twitter and introduce new services to its customers. In its most recent results report, twitter reported that they had 229 million daily monetizable active users, which is a 15.9 percentage increase over the same period in the previous year.

Musk who is chief executive officer spacex and tesla, as well as the ceo of tesla musk, who is also the ceo of spacex and tesla spacex musk has recently given presentations to investors. He presented financial projections that he derived from his study of twitter according to people who are who have been in the know and spoke to faber.

Musk stated to investors that he believed the earnings before interest, taxes, amortization, and depreciation margin was not enough and that the company had “too many engineers who aren’t doing enough work, ” faber said, citing sources who are familiar with. Musk added that he would transform the company into an “magnet for talent, ” faber added.

The shares of twitter gained 2.8 percent on thursday. Tesla’s stock dropped over 8% in the general market downturn.

Twitter representatives declined to comment. Twitter did not respond to requests for comment.

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